Proximity Marketing And How The Retail Industry Is Turning Heads Up..!!

by Nidhin C| Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019|12:04 p.m.

Proximity Marketing And How The Retail Industry Is Turning Heads Up..!!

How to Find the right customer and pull them in??? This has rather been a perplexing question for retailers and store owners throughout the cycle. To find the appropriate area for marketing and pedal up on that has been quite an uncertain task. When the E-commerce industry is making the most by understanding customer behaviour and marketing appropriately to pertinent sections of customers, offline retail stores were finding it hard to cope with the challenge, until now. With the introduction of beacons and advanced proximity marketing techniques, prospects are looking high for the retail industry to get back in track and thrive.

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Proximity marketing is the distribution of advertising and promotional contents to a localized area of a relevant location. Proximity marketing also known as hyperlocal marketing focuses on transmission of content at the right time to a customer or a potential customer in the targeted vicinity. With the help of beacons Bluetooth signals are transmitted between devices for information exchange and the obtained information is effectively used to promote the store and increase sales.


Many retailers from around the globe are recognising the potential of proximity marketing and have started to utilise its benefits. Rather than The traditional approach of trying to promote and advertise to a large audience, hyperlocal marketing emphasises on advertising to an audience that is relevant. Through personalized messages and notifications send to the right person at the right time, stores are able to build valuable customer loyalty, thus increasing store sales.


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Proximity shopping using in-store beacons helps retailers create an enhanced shopping experience for the customer. It helps the retailer identify the right customer based on intelligence acquired from the beacons. Information about the customer’s shopping pattern and requirements enable the retailer to deliver only to the right people. This makes it possible for stores to cut down on marketing expenditure and also being able to serve the customer's purpose, retailers will be able to maintain the acquired customer in complete satisfaction and scale up future sales.

Effective implementation and utilisation of hyperlocal marketing helps retailer ace the competition by finding their right market and promoting products in the best way. Perhaps quoting ROY.H.WILLIAMS “The first step in exceeding your customer's expectations is to know those expectations.”

Beacon analytics in the retail industry is helping stores build a significant customer database. Retailers are able to build stronger customer connections by precise customer journey mapping through beacons. The ibeacon technology that beCo is equipped to use helps retailers identify and engage potential customers and analyse conversions from grass root levels through real-time insights on foot fall. ibeacons provides the retailer a dashboard with drill down view of important data  such as demographics ,time and location which help them identify a customer

And obtain intelligence on actionable business in the form of funnel and store layout views, further helping to enhance store performance.

Once a customer is identified, the integrated data obtained from the customers search engine history within the Wi-Fi spectrum and other data acquired from social media integrated analytics help the retailer provide customers with the best service based on their requirements thus involving in effective customer engagement. Beacon’s also help to provide analytics on customer loyalty, extending an opportunity to improve customer engagement programmes and achieve more sales.

Understanding the relevant market and focusing on the right part of it help retailers deliver an optimized retail Omni channel performance and sales staff performance. Beacons through its effective use can thereby reduce store expenditure and save time acquiring valuable customers. With dedicated apps installed in customer’s smartphone beacons can analyse the customer’s social media interests, activities and recent search patterns. It can also analyse customer interactions with organisations (such as fashion brands), E-commerce purchase behaviour and clickstream purchase behaviour to formulate effective patterns resulting in increased and successful sales conversion.

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As Proximity marketing insists on securing a germane customer following, retailers are motivated towards customer profiling and segmentation of the acquired profiles through ibeacons. Efficient categorisation of profiles will help the retailers keep the customer’s engaged by providing them with appropriate information only. These practises not only help retailers deliver recommendations based on items and customer patterns but by identifying the right channel and loyal customers it will be possible to deliver recommendation  on an item based echo system to new and potential customers beyond the brick and mortar environment.

Being the pioneers of proximity marketing in the country beCo is creating substantial efforts in making a difference to the Indian retail industry. Through extensive research and a systematic outlook of the system beCo has managed to create a shopping assistant for the benefit of both customers as well as retailers. By introducing the technology of beacons beCo has made the benefits of it open to the market. Through the dedicated App and the highly efficient ibeacons beCo is helping the industry convert the Omni channel of ambiguous users to accountable, loyal customers.


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