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Technology has become a key player in increasing efficiency. To adopt possible measures and toequip them for better functioning contributes to the fine tuning of any establishment. Consideringthe transportation industry especially the airport we constantly have to look for solutions to increaseefficiency there by reducing any delays or hassles. Analysing the requirements and adopting possibletechnology measures we at beCo have developed ways to stream-line operations within thetransport sector and take care of passenger convenience.

Indoor Navigation system for Airport

Major Challenges

Challenges that need attention.Identify, analyse, focus and act.

Finding way within the airport

From locating the terminal to reaching the gates,Wayfinding within the airport can be a tiresome task. Making this process easier is one ofthe major challenges for the airport management.

Locating services

Considering the large area and number of people in an airport locating services is something that requires significant attention

Passenger assistance

Airports are places where people of various age groups and categoriesreach. Assistance and care to the people that highly requires it should be given for creating abetter airport experience for them.

Inability to communicate and engage the passengers within the airport

With time in hand airports are places where information exchange at the right time is a vital factor. And to communicate better with the passenger the right technology adoption is required.

Our solutions

From finding the terminal to getting to the right gates for boarding, navigation assistancecan be provided using precisely drafted maps and our technology support. Navigation features can also be adopted to guide passengers to find their way to services as well as stores within the airport. Passenger assistance can be provided to the old aged and needful without demand based on passenger details and by recognising their presence within theairport. Assistance on baggage and other utility services can be provided including information on taxi and metro services.

Custom notification on offers from stores at the airport based on customer analytics built ontheir preferences can be provided using our technology. Airline companies can benefit fromthe technology by notifying the passenger about tickets and on board service upgrades. Ourtechnology helps to be updated about the employee’s real time location which in turn helpsin effective staff and resource management by being able to communicate to the rightperson at the right time.


Passengers can reach places within the Airport easily

Communicate better and engage passengers

Curate a convenient experience for the passenger

Better control over airport resources

Improve business within the airport

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