At Airports we focus on eliminating confusion. Engaging passengers effectively and conveying ideas better Airports can be a space where people feel safe as the destination.

Indoor Navigation

Be it finding the way, deciding the shortest route or planning the trip within the airport, navigation is made perfect with our solutions. Simply by knowing the source and destination the passenger will be able to find the most convenient route to pick.

Proximity Services

Understanding the passengers and catering to their needs can escalate business possibilities within the airport. Our services help you understand preferences, journey details and economic capabilities of the passengers with clarity. This will help businesses strategize services based on customer needs and interests.

Resource and staff management

Considering the large area, resources and staff within the airport, allocating and accommodating them can be a difficult task. We make airport management an easy affair. Finding available staff and resources in real time helps to allocate them based on requirement. This ability helps airports handle emergency scenarios as well as everyday situations most effectively.

How we can help them.

From finding the terminal to getting to the right gates for boarding, navigation assistance can be provided using precisely drafted maps and our technology support. Navigation features can also be adopted to guide passengers to find their way to services as well as stores within the airport. Passenger assistance can be provided to the old aged and needful without demand based on passenger details and by recognising their presence within the Airport. Assistance on baggage and other utility services can be provided including information on taxi and metro services.

  • Passengers can reach places within the Airport easily
  • Communicate better and engage passengers
  • Curate a convenient experience for the passenger
  • Better control over airport resources
  • Improve business within the airport

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