Navigation experience made simple

An intelligent way finding technology service provider. We help you gain more control and visibilitywhile providing convenience through our solutions.

Easy fast and better than the best

Our solutions are designed to minimise effort. We make sure our services help users to reach destinations quicker and without confusion. Offering better control and visibility through our mapbased advanced solutions, we help organisations achieve goals with minimum loss of time and money.


simple yet dynamic, conspicuously perfect solutions to interactively solve problems.

Indoor Navigation system India

Indoor Maps

Alleviate confusion by helping users find their way to desired destinations within your campus make thing easy.

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Indoor Navigation system India

Proximity Services

We will analyze your requirements to build an efficient analytics structure and use hardware such as beacons and RFIDs to meet your needs

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Indoor Navigation system India


Data is everywhere, but extracting and analyzing it takes experience and expertise. To devise effective strategies, data has to be...

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We customize our platforms to meet the needs of specific industry verticals. Our focus isto help you simplify, Visualize, optimize and act.

Health Care

Hospitals are places where time is as important as life itself...


Shopping is everyone’s source of happiness and stores are destinations that deliver...


Considering the difficulty in logistics management and...


Finding way within the campus of an educational institution or...

Corporate offices

Corporate offices and large event venues require a high level of organised...


Technology has become a key player in increasing efficiency. To adopt possible...


An engaging Kiosk that interacts with your customer to give a complete view...

Indoor Navigation system India

Limitless opportunities beyond boundaries

Analytics, proximity marketing, location based services, resource tracking and more, the ways inwhich beCo help you gain better control and growth is innumerable. Designed to meet all mappingrequirements, our solutions can be customised to suite specific potentially integral needs for variousindustries. We help you reduce confusions and take more informed decisions through our solutions.


Do not worry about sophistication. We make it simple with our technology.

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