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Analytics that drive action

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  • Location analytics for productivity

    Monitor resources and assets and understand their performance to improve productivity. get the right picture and take the best action forward.

  • Heat maps

    Understand how spaces are utilized and how to manage the area. Find bottlenecks and process hindrance in the area.

  • User Analytics

    Bring together user and location data and understand their next step to plan better. This feature helps to get behavioural patterns that help in performance optimization.

  • Resource utilization optimization

    Understand how resources are being utilized. Prepare performance charts, analyse it along with the location and data to improve productivity.

Location analytics for the next step

Data is everywhere, but extracting and analyzing it takes experience and expertise. To devise effective strategies, data has to be processed, structured and presented logically. Furthermore, to make wise decisions, intelligent analysis has to be performed. With a heaping amount of Data and the urgent need of quick decisions, chances of losing out on credible information is higher today. With our sophisticated yet highly efficient analytics tools, we help you interpret valuable information from all location based data collected. Sourcing details from various other channels we create the perfect analytics representation to help you understand user’s better, scale businesses and enhance performance.


How it Work


Infrastructure setup

Implement an integrated hardware-software environment at the facility.


Acquiring Data

Collect location information and user information* to build actionable data charts that can be reviewed


Powerful analytics

Visualize Analytics that you can rely on and take action.

Why choose us

We are pioneers in indoor location technology. Spending over 8 years on active R&D we have developed best in class solutions that involve location intelligence. Our clients trust us for our efficient product line and unmatchable customer support. We don’t just sell our services but we build a relationship and take ownership.

Location Intelligence for smarter Indoors

Leverage the power of location intelligence with beCo solutions. Get the benefits of beCo navigation engine the way you want it. Based on your needs awe deliver the solutions in 3 different platforms.

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  • Mobile App

  • Desktop Web

  • GPS Navigation


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