Health Care

We work with you to identify challenges and develop technology solutions that help you provide patients and hospital administrators with a hassle-free experience.

Asset Tracking

Locating necessary equipment’s when needed or when there is a shortage is fairly a time consuming task within various departments of a hospital. Our asset management tools help you to track assets in real time and know its status with the help of various hardware’s such as RFID devices, beacons etc.

Map and Navigation

A good navigation solution helps to reduce confusions for users within the hospital environment. Despite the haste and crowd involved, it directs the user to the right direction acting essentially like a detailed map for your campus. Our way-finding solutions are committed to provide a better hospital experience creating happy patients, happy visitors and happy staff while saving more money.

Location Services

Engaging patients and other users within the hospital better you can communicate services and information with them. Using our proximity services, information such as token notifications, doctor availability and other services can be communicated effectively to reduce confusion’s and brings convenience. Offers from coffee shops and other stores within the hospital vicinity can be brought to customer through their smartphone devices.

How we can help them.

beCo utilizes mobile devices to provide navigation within your hospital for patients, companions and visitors. Creating appointments, issuing tokens and notifications for token appointments can be provided using our custom built app. Track equipment in real time using our beCo Maps Monitor while integrated with proximity services. Our Solutions can also help with effective employee and infrastructure management, instant purchase of medicine and other value added services.

  • Less confusion in navigating hospital floorplans.
  • Easy navigation for patients, companions and visitors.
  • Better service and appropriate treatment measures during emergency.
  • Efficient staff and infrastructure management.

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