By monitoring spaces in real time through our maps we help you chart routes and navigate to the right place avoiding collisions and reducing confusions. Our technology also helps to monitor factors of sensitive goods, Avoid Collisions Between Forklift and handle Goods with care.


Navigation is made perfect with our solutions. Simply by knowing the source and destination, routes can be charted analysing real time situation and traffic. The shortest route or the most efficient route is picked accordingly depending on the availability and situation prevailing.

Logistics Management

With the technology support provided, ware houses can easily manage the consignments within the facility. Inbound and outbound movement of all packages can be planned and allocated based on real time data. This improves efficiency and reduces time lost in the process of handling logistics.

Collision & Accident avoidance

Our solution focuses on providing timely alerts and signals for precaution, to avoid possible collisions by understanding the situation in real time. By integrating the right hardware and building a technology solution that works we focus on minimising risks and chances for possible collisions within the suggested premise. The solution directly solves 3 main scenarios in which accidents and collisions occur involving a forklift within a warehouse.

How we can help them.

We have services designed to meet various demands of the supply chain industry

  • Indoor maps
  • Navigation / Way - finding
  • Resource and package allocation through map guiding
  • Convenient purchase order management and tracking
  • Employee management
  • Heat map based analytics building
  • Real time warehouse management

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