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We have solutions build to meet all retailer concerns. From letting them, find the customer within the mall or complex to effectively engaging them with attractive offers with our proximity services, we have designed our platform to make businesses grow and keep customers satisfied.

Our custom developed map Sdk’s with real time support can be integrated with your web and smartphone apps to help Customers find their way through the mall. Simply by knowing the source and destination the user will be able to find the most convenient route to pick to their destination within the complex.

Our systems help organisations take more-informed decisions quickly through Data Arranged in the right order. Data analytics initiatives help businesses improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns, improve customer service and respond faster to emerging trends to gain a competitive edge.

Indoor Navigation system for retail

We help retailers to take a more focused approach and market to relevant, quality customers. Formulating statistics from users shopping history and analysing their location within the mall, we help retailers communicate personalised offers to customers. Taking a Focused approach by identifying the right customer retailers can reduce expenses spent on marketing.

Major Challenges

Challenges that need attention.Identify, analyse, focus and act.

Customer inconvenience in finding products within the store

To find the right products suiting to customer interest is usually a task that takes time. In that process if the customer finds it too hard a store is likely to lose their business which is why it’s important to address this issue.

Increasing expenses on store promotions

Not being able to identify the right customer’s results in increased expenditure on marketing which is not a focused approach.

Inability to channel relevant customers

Identifying the right customers that are relevant to the store is difficult and often impossible which we can help to change.

Inability to identify and create customer loyalty

With constant competition and increasing product lines from all around the only way to build customer loyalty is to serve what thecustomer expects

Incomplete customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can only be fulfilled when customer demands are met. To identify them and to seve them in the best possible way is a challenge.

Our solutions

Creating a comfortable customer experience and catering to their needs is certainly the key to asuccessful shopping business. With our integrated technology here at beCo we are ready to meet this exigency and open new possibilities in understanding the customer and help businesses grow.

  • Precise to point indoor navigation
  • Validation of store traffic using real time foot fall analytics
  • Hyperlocal marketing with the right customers in target at the right time and place using analytics.
  • Opportunity to deliver personalized notifications on deals, offers and other personal notes ofwelcome and gratitude.
  • Customer loyalty through a tailor-made experience delivered by understanding their choices andpreferences.
  • Efficient resource and employee management.

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