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We will analyze your requirements to build an efficient analytics structure and use hardware such asbeacons and RFIDs to meet your needs. Identifying presence in real time, we help you delivernotifications, warnings, marketing campaigns etc. instantly to the user. From implementing effectivemarketing strategy to effective resource management, possibilities obtained through the servicesare phenomenal.

Instead of promoting to a large mass and increasing expenditure, beCo helps retailers to take a morefocused approach and market to relevant, quality customers. Formulating statistics from usersshopping history and analysing their location within the mall, we help retailers communicatepersonalised offers to customers. Our services lets retailers take a more focused approach byidentifying the right customer and thereby reducing expenses spent on marketing.

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We help hospitals Engage with patients and other users within the hospital better. Using beCosolutions administration can communicate services and information with them. Using our proximityservices, information such as token notifications, doctor availability and other services can becommunicated effectively to reduce confusion’s and bring convenience. Offers from coffee shopsand other stores within the hospital vicinity can be brought to customer through their smartphonedevices.

From location based product catalogues to real time ground support at airports the scope ofeffective proximity marketing is limitless. By identifying the right thing to do at the right time wehelp you reduce error and improve performance.


We customize our platforms to meet the needs of specific industry verticals. Our focus isto help you simplify, Visualize, optimize and act.

Health Care

Hospitals are places where time is as important as life itself...


Shopping is everyone’s source of happiness and stores are destinations that deliver...


Considering the difficulty in logistics management and...


Finding way within the campus of an educational institution or...

Corporate offices

Corporate offices and large event venues require a high level of organised...


Technology has become a key player in increasing efficiency. To adopt possible...


An engaging Kiosk that interacts with your customer to give a complete view...

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