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Data is everywhere, but extracting and analyzing it takes experience and expertise. To devise effective strategies, data has to be processed, structured and presented logically. Furthermore, to make wise decisions, intelligent analysis has to be performed. With a heaping amount of Data and the urgent need of quick decisions, chances of losing out on credible information is higher today. With our sophisticated yet highly efficient analytics tools, we help you interpret valuable information from all location based data collected. Sourcing details from various other channels we create the perfect analytics representation to help you understand user’s better, scale businesses and enhance performance.

Big data service providers

Instead of promoting to a large mass and increasing expenditure, beCo helps retailers to take a more focused approach and market to relevant, quality customers. Formulating statistics from users shopping history and analysing their location within the mall, we help retailers communicate personalised offers to customers. Our services lets retailers take a more focused approach by identifying the right customer and thereby reducing expenses spent on marketing.
we build data analytics software’s and solutions to suit your requirements. Arranging the data in the right order our systems help organisations take more-informed decisions quickly. Data analytics initiatives help businesses improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns, improve customer service and respond faster to emerging trends and gain a competitive edge. Interpreting the collected data in the right way organisations can make changes to the operation and optimize performance. Analytics initiatives in the logistics industry helps to identify the problems in their storage and transportation facilities. These in turn helps to modify and improve their supply chain.
With our highly advanced analytics solutions better predictions can be made to formulate wise decisions and bring out the best results.


We customize our platforms to meet the needs of specific industry verticals. Our focus isto help you simplify, Visualize, optimize and act.

Health Care

Hospitals are places where time is as important as life itself...


Shopping is everyone’s source of happiness and stores are destinations that deliver...


Considering the difficulty in logistics management and...


Finding way within the campus of an educational institution or...

Corporate offices

Corporate offices and large event venues require a high level of organised...


Technology has become a key player in increasing efficiency. To adopt possible...


An engaging Kiosk that interacts with your customer to give a complete view...

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