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Efficient Navigation within Hospitals

Hospitals are places where time is as important as life itself. In order to provide efficient care andeffective treatment, proper utilization of resources is essential. Technology now plays an importantrole in making convenient solutions and reducing hassles within hospitals.

Losing track of important equipment or devices can be a disastrous event within the hospitalenvironment. Locating necessary equipment when needed or when there is a shortage can be atime-consuming task within various departments. Our mapping technology lets you locate assets inreal-time and also verify their availability.

Indoor Navigation system for Healthcare Facilities

Major Challenges

Challenges that need attention.Identify, analyse, focus and act.

Navigation within the hospital

It is important to help people within the hospital to locateplaces and reach them without confusion.

Difficult staff and resource management

With a large work force and huge number ofresources involved in a hospital environment it is really hard to have complete control overthem and manage them efficiently.

Difficulty in communicating facilities to patients

People are ignorant about the hospitallayout that it is hard for the hospital management to let visitors understand about thefacilities and rooms in the hospital.

Difficulty in locating essential equipment

Tracking Assets and making sure of its availabilityis probably an impossible task without the right technology.

Crisis management

Hospital administration often find it hard to manage resources, visitorsand patients during the time of an emergency

Our solutions

We work with you to identify challenges and develop technology solutions that help you providepatients and hospital administrators with a hassle-free experience.

beCo utilizes mobile devices to provide navigation within your hospital for patients, companions andvisitors. Creating appointments, issuing tokens and notifications for token appointments can beprovided using our custom built app. Track equipment in real time using our beCo Maps Monitorwhile integrated with proximity services.

Our Solutions can also help with effective employee and infrastructure management, instantpurchase of medicine and other value added services.


The best solutions for superior control and visibility of your health care facility. We makethings easier for you.

User loyalty.

Less confusion in navigating hospital floorplans.

Easy navigation for patients, companions and visitors.

Better service and appropriate treatment measures during emergency.

Efficient staff and infrastructure management.

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