Technology for an amazing customer experience: best solutions for Retail Malls

by Albert Correya| Wednesday, Mar 06, 2019|01:01 p.m.

Technology for an amazing customer experience: best solutions for Retail Malls

Customer is king and what do we not do to fulfil their satisfaction. From customer service to loyalty apps malls look out for multiple options to engage customers and make their experience better. A good shopping experience can be provided only when confusions are eliminated. Convenience
offered should reach the customer in the easiest way and the administration along with the retail stores should be able to leverage the feeling. A report submitted by The International Council of Shopping Centres lists 8 main points or what they call Bold Statements to move forward and for the growth of shopping centres under their project ‘Envision 2020’. Among them they point out 3 important initiatives that influence significantly in the growth of a shopping centre. These technology-driven steps focus on delivering more to the customers through familiar channels and engaging them better. 

  1. Unification of Bricks-and-Mortar and Online Retail
  2. Intimacy with the Consumer
  3. Mall Environments that Engage Millennials

Unification of Bricks& Mortar and online retail platforms help stores to make shopping easier for customers. Putting their store on a connected platform through a website or an App helps users know more about the store and what is available. This power helps retail stores to take advantage of the consumer propensity to research products online and compare while they prefer to make purchases offline. In Fact, recent studies have shown that 90% of the retail purchases still happen offline and a report  by Price water house coopers point out the following benefits as the main

  • Customer is able to Touch and try the products
  • Product is made available immediately
  • Customer is more certain about the fit/suitability of the product

Though these factors being real, stores find it hard to channelize valuable customers to their stores. The conventional approach is broad and it fails to meet the needs of the customer visiting the mall. This results in customer satisfaction being incomplete and opportunities being underutilized by
stores and mall administration to generate more value. The advent of IOT and the widespread use of smartphone devices has opened new ways to
communicate effectively to the customer and engage them better. Reaching them at the right place at the right time through their inevitable to live with smartphones, helps us to understand customers better and serve them. Stores can update about available products with features like size, colour etc. which the customer can know from the smartphone application or website. Understanding customer’s better malls can direct the customers to the right stores or activities. More over stores can identify he right customer and push offers for more conversions. Two of the hardware technologies that makes you capable of such features are

  • Beacons
  • LoRaWAN

A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter. Its kind of like a lighthouse: it repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. It helps in communicating with mobile devices and communicating their location which further helps to navigate in real time, proximity marketing and other services that improves customer experience as well as increase revenue LoRaWAN is a type of Low Powered Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology intended to act as an Internet of Things network for low power wireless sensors covering a large geographical area. LoRaWAN network is ideal for communications between applications, databases or dashboards and dispersed IoT sensors, due to the low power of the LoRaWAN technology and the capability for the sensors to be battery powered. Data transmissions to/from LoRaWAN sensors typically happen on an irregular basis and not constantly. The use of measures like a dedicated smartphone app or other services offered over IOT devices help to improve the intimacy with the consumer. The advantages of these solutions are that they solve customer concerns instantly and make them feel privileged. They also help to engage better with the consumer helping to communicate better making sure customer satisfaction is met while the mall administrators have complete control over the mall. Initiatives such as a directory based navigation kiosks also help mall administration improve customer experience significantly. Eliminating confusions at the entrance or right where it begins malls can deliver more to the customers visiting the mall.


An interactive kiosk helps customers to identify the facilities within the mall, locate them and know how to reach them. These Kiosks can act as essential information centres that can give answers to a lot of consumer queries. This simple step has proven to improve customer experience significantly. Some of the reasons leading to this according to a study are listed below.


GREAT FOR EXPLORATION: Helpful for first-time customers. Kiosks are easy to use for discovery and exploration, especially in larger-scale venues like amusement parks, outdoor developments, and Shopping malls

HIGH USER EXPERIENCE EXPECTATIONS: Users expect a rich level of features and functionality: multiple levels of detail, 3D mapping, and zooming with multi-touch. Give them a polished and thoughtful experience or nothing at all.

LOW BARRIER: Walkup, touch, and explore. No other steps are required. A kid could (and will) do it.

HIGH AWARENESS: Well-positioned physical kiosks are easy to spot and can include an eye-catching branded fixture.

Collectively these systems can also bring about to understand customer preferences better through data analytics initiatives. These steps are not only limited in understanding customer preferences but it also helps in monitoring the circumstances understanding situations better to provide more insights and control over the mall for the mall administration.

Through matured technology solutions and smart approach retail malls can improve the customer experience granted to their visitors. These simple changes and technology adoptions are important for the growth and survival of a mall. Moving forward with a technology driven, highly privileged generation these steps thoroughly determine the future of malls and how the cope up with the industry competition. A mall life depends on valuable customer experience, being able to provide that is the key to success. With the right technology adoption being a crucial factor, you can make the best with the right technology partner. To know more get in touch with us at

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