Heat Maps and Plan B

General 08/04/2020

Under the light of the current pandemic and general use cases let’s analyse how heat-maps in real time location data can be used to take necessary ...

Why Should Indoor  Real time location system(RTLS) be built on a flexible technology architecture:

General 30/01/2020

Organisations spend significant amounts of time and effort to adopt  a new technology hoping to reap the benefits as fast as possible.

Location Marketing: Why 2020 is the best time to get started.

Retail 11/11/2019

Key points that seek to understand what your customer’s do, where do they spend their time, what they need and so on are the gatekeepers for a succ...

Technology for an amazing customer experience: best solutions for Retail Malls

Retail 06/03/2019

Customer is king and what do we not do to fulfil their satisfaction. From customer service to loyalty apps malls look out for multiple options to e...

Hospital Administration: Losses You Might Be Missing Out

Health Care 13/02/2019

A hospital environment is usually synonymous to busy and hectic. But how far is it productive? Are they losing out on things that are seemingly unn...

Predictive Analytics: The Hand Of God In Logistics.

General 13/02/2019

Noah and the ark is a famous story from the bible. Seeing where the world was heading, God decided to cleanse the world by water, but having mercy ...