Heat Maps and Plan B

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by beCo Map| Wednesday, Apr 08, 2020|12:15 p.m.

Heat Maps and  Plan B

Heat-Maps and plan B

Heat-maps since the inception of the idea, has been one of the greatest analytics tools. The visual metrics that it manifests make it easy to analyse data to reach logical conclusions faster. From acquired data to real time status, Heat-maps have grown and matured into a technology that can be trusted to take drastic steps. Heat-maps can be used for a variety of use cases both on a superficial level or much more into a deeper root. But how can this benefit a laymen user, how can it benefit organisations and more over how can it be cost effective and used to avert crisis.


Under the light of the current pandemic and general use cases let’s analyse how heat-maps in real time location data can be used to take necessary precautions and optimize performance. We at beCo build several location based solutions & products that leverage the advantage of proximity identification. By formulating useful Data out of it we help organisations take intelligent steps by making use of data in real time.

Manage crowd and avoid bottle necks

Real time Heat-maps help to identify most crowded spaces in a facility. This in turn helps to manage the crowd proposing practical measures and to avoid bottlenecks or performance blockers. Mainly useful in logistics and warehouse industry, this feature helps organisations to both selectively and collectively view the real time scattering of resources and manage them based on space there by avoiding any internal logistics blockers. In retail sectors heat-map will help to identify customer intensive area and allocate resources to manage them better.

Identify most utilized routes and optimize

To identify most utilized routes and the dynamics with respect to time, order or any other factor gives tremendous power to the organisation. Ware houses can plan their routes and allocate consignments accordingly. Optimizing operations they can avoid unfortunate events and also increase efficiency.

Malls can utilize the benefit of most utilized routes to plan their store performance, marketing and resources. Other events can also be planned and taken ahead for better results.

Emergency and Crisis management

In the event of a crisis, understanding crowded areas and generically utilized routes, evacuation and rescue plans can be made. Identifying the best emergency routes at the moment on the basis of real time statistics security team will have more options to help people and secure them.

Social distancing and safety

Under the context of the current pandemic, an evident citation of social distancing in public places has been spoken about. Providing the benefit of heat maps to the normal users, they can identify places with more crowds and re-plan / re-prioritize they’re time within a facility, especially in public places such as malls, airports etc. This helps to keep people more aware, secure and safe.

Heat-maps may seem like a sophisticated technology but with beCo’s expertise and experience we make location analytics simple and beneficial in the true sense for everyone. Built on the crux of an intelligent navigation tool the possibilities ranging from real time navigation, asset tracking etc. are immense. Equipping what’s best for you we make sure you always have a plan ‘B’, the BEST plan to act upon.

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