Hare And The Tortoise: The Story Of Reaching The Destination Smarter.

by Nidhin C| Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019|11:11 a.m.

Hare And The Tortoise: The Story Of Reaching The Destination Smarter.

“Whoever reaches the finishing point first, wins” perhaps the only rule the hare and tortoise had to follow for the Race. Of course the tortoise won through persistence and hard work but it would have also worked if he was just smarter and knew a shortcut to the destination. How about we take a look at that story under that light.


The right Information and the knowledge to use it, is the most powerful strategy for success. The factor that lead Columbus discover America (Red India) and Vasco da Gama  reach India was probably the same, the prior taking a wrong route to India and the former taking the right one. In short, navigation information has significant power that it has the capability to save time, effort and money which none the less is what every advancement we make are trying to do.


Let’s try getting it clear with the story of the Hare and the tortoise, in a new perspective. We will assume the hare and the tortoise had to take the route to their destination as given in the picture below and the only condition was “Whoever reaches the finishing point first, wins”. Well, statistically the hare has had all the advantage in this race, he is faster, more enthusiastic and definitely the favourite to win the race. But now the question is what are the chances that tortoise wins this race. Of course the story goes that the hare takes a break because of his over confidence and the tortoise wins the race by her persistence and focused hard work.


Now just imagine that the hare learnt his lesson from the last race and decided to cruise without taking rest and win the race at any cost. He was prepared, warmed up and ready. Now the condition is simple get to the end point of the race at the bank of the river first. They could run, race, swim or fly on their own to reach there. Just imagine that there was a shorter more convenient route to the destination and the tortoise was smart enough know it.


The race commenced and the hare with all his physical advantage ran fast as he could through the conventional route that he knew and the tortoise with the same persistence and hard-work ran behind but taking the shorter route that she knew. It was as simple as that and the end result was the tortoise taking the trophy yet again. They followed the rules, had their effort put but overcoming all the physical advantage of the hare the tortoise won and the only advantage she had was the information of an alternative route that was shorter and safer.


The importance of knowing the path (of course locating the destination as well) has several advantages. The advent of GPS and it practical applications has certainly proved this for us. Location and services on our mobile devices help us locate places and reach there faster. But the same technology that has been helping outdoor navigation becomes irrelevant if you had to locate your favourite store within the mall or get to a service within the hospital. Thus comes the importance of indoor navigation. From locating a destination to guiding a fully automated system to its right destination through the most convenient route the possibilities of indoor navigation is truly remarkable.


The era of smartphones are vesting immense power into the hands of a common user. Indoor navigation and accompanying services will definitely add to the advantage the user enjoys, as well as powerful management abilities to the organisation. Like the tortoise who outsmarted the hare with few key details and information, the existing possibilities of indoor navigation will show us new ways , safer ways and smarter solutions in way finding.

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