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To build customer loyalty and bring them back to your retail spaces, it is important to understand the customer experience and their needs. Addressing these concerns for the customers can create significant impacts and increase the customer’s loyalty to your store or the complex as a whole. Main issues faced by the customers in terms of their retail experiences are

  1. Locating places
  2. Navigating to a destination
  3. Not being able to find the right product or service
  4. Not having the ability to obtain or avail good deals for desired product
  5. The inability to identify new stores

These same inconveniences that the customer experience on an offline platform is the advantage of the online ecommerce market. The leverage on these inconveniences that the customer faces at a physical store or mall and convince them to shop or spend more at their ecommerce store despite of their trust a. But is this a helpless situation for the offline retail industry, are there things that can help the customer regain a better experience.  At beco we have developed solutions that work to meet these needs and help retailers connect better with their customers

Mall directory and navigation KIOSK

An interactive kiosk helps customers to identify the facilities within the mall, locate them and know how to reach them. These Kiosks can act as essential information centres that can give answers to a lot of consumer queries. This simple step has proven to improve customer experience significantly. Some of the reasons leading to this according to a study are listed below.


• GREAT FOR EXPLORATION: Helpful for all customers. Kiosks are easy to use for discovery and exploration, especially in larger-scale venues like amusement parks, outdoor developments, and Shopping malls

 HIGH USER EXPERIENCE EXPECTATIONS: Users expect a rich level of features and functionality: multiple levels of detail, accurate mapping, and zooming with multi-touch. Give them a polished and thoughtful experience or nothing at all.

• LOW BARRIER: Walk-up, touch, and explore. No other steps are required. A kid could (and will) do it.

• HIGH AWARENESS: Well-positioned physical kiosks are easy to spot and can include an eye-catching branded fixture.

Additionally features like QR code that can be scanned and used on the mobile phone over the internet gives additional value to the kiosk. This helps the user not to depend on the kiosk every time they get lost, rather have a map on their phone throughout which offers them a convenient experience.

Proximity services

Mobile based proximity services help retailers to connect with visitors and customers better. With more than 36% of Indians using a smartphone and nearly the same percentage when we take the statistics from around the world, it is with no doubt one of the strongest and effective ways of engaging them and knowing what they want.

Proximity shopping using in-store beacons helps retailers create an enhanced shopping experience for the customer. It helps the retailer identify the right customer based on intelligence acquired from the beacons. Information about the customer’s shopping pattern and requirements enable the retailer to deliver only to the right people. This makes it possible for stores to cut down on marketing expenditure and also being able to serve the customer's purpose, retailers will be able to maintain the acquired customer in complete satisfaction and scale up future sales.

Interactive Mobile App

An interactive Mobile App is one of the easiest and best way to engage a customers, yet most retail applications fail to build customer loyalty and the uninstallation rates for these applications are significantly high. The most important reason for this is that many of those retail applications available in the market do not meet customer expectations. Rather than understanding the customer needs these applications are focused on delivering unwanted promotional materials or insignificant offers for the customer which do not contribute to the experience of a customer.

A key feature of a successful retail application is its ability to cater to the customer by understanding what they need and leveraging from the customer experience offered. Providing personalization that adds value can definitely enhance the customer experience and have them wanting to use the application more often. When we talk about personalization we are not simply confined to personalised greetings or messages on important dates relevant to the user. Today’s technology and platforms build over that helps us reach closer to the user on various levels. By understanding their preferences and choices better these application can help us deliver a curated experience for the user.

Some of the features preferred for a retail mall application are

  • Mall directory
  • Navigation
  • Personalised offers
  • Exclusive deals relevant to the customer
  • Emergency assistance

Being one of the most advanced companies in developing comprehensive technology solutions for the retail industry in the country, beCo is putting substantial efforts in making a difference to the Indian retail industry. Through extensive research and a systematic outlook of the system beCo has managed to design a shopping assistant for the benefit of both customers as well as retailers. Our navigation solution and dedicated technology initiatives help to offer a convenient experience to the customer. By introducing the technology of beacons beCo has made the benefits of proximity marketing available to a wider market. Through the dedicated App and the highly efficient beacons beCo is helping the industry convert the Omni channel of ambiguous users to accountable, loyal customers. We help malls as well as retailers to Move fast, Move smart and Move ahead.  

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