Hospital Administration: Losses You Might Be Missing Out

by Albert Correya| Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019|10:56 a.m.

Hospital Administration: Losses You Might Be Missing Out

Focus on being productive instead of busy   -Tim Ferriss

A hospital environment is usually synonymous to busy and hectic. But how far is it productive? Are they losing out on things that are seemingly unnoticeable but causing phenomenal losses that are being unaccounted for.

Majority of this losses occur due to inefficient management of resources within the hospital. The improper purchase, Distribution and updating of items in inventory, Mismanagement of human resources and their time etc. are causing more damage and stalling on hospital performance parameters.

According to a survey report by nursing times. A nursing staff loses at least 1 hour a day in just locating and finding equipment’s, medicines etc. required for patient care.

   Loses 1 hour per day on average.

 Loses 4 days a month (on the above account).   


                                                                                                                     14.28% loss in productivity just due to the inefficient management of resources.


Looking at the above statistics, almost 4 days a month is taken out of a staff that works a 7 day shift. Taking a wider spectacle, a hospital with a 100 number workforce loses 400 work days in effect because of the difficulty in finding equipment’s. Having talked with some of the staffs in the nursing department, the losses were spotted to occur in having to locate equipment’s like thermometers, Stands, Pumps, bladder scanner, glucometer, thermostats etc. Other loses in the form of money and effort occurs when unnecessary purchases have to be made for these items that might be available in the hospital but a shortage is experienced due to the difficulty in having to locate them.

“Bladder scanner! We are the surgical floor of the hospital so we need it often, but somehow all of the other units lost/broke theirs and always come and steal ours.”

When equipment’s are not utilized properly and staff resources have to go in search of it, it also leads to a problem where medical staff members perform duties lower to their credentials. Proper resource management tools help in engaging the right resources for the right job and also lets us to track assets and see its availability by making it possible to demand them based on necessity. Using the advantages of the digital media through proper technology, Employees can be engaged, notified and effectively utilised. As far as hospital internal resource management is concerned, there are few key technology adoptions that you should really consider. 

  • An asset tracking tool with real time pin pointing of equipment’s 
  • An interactive map to show case & locate the assets in real time
  • Smartphone application for management

Misplaced and lost equipment’s cause the medical industry a huge loss every year. Simply by tracking down these equipment’s and managing them in real time can help hospitals save a lot on unnecessary expenditure. The Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre in San Jose, CA reported losses valued at more than $11million between the years 2010-2014. A reported loss of 383 items were listed by the hospital audits during this term.

An asset tracking tool in real time helps institutions track down their equipment’s to the right position and also identify equipment’s that are in use and those that are not. This helps healthcare institution’s manage resources more effectively and help cut down unnecessary inventory costs.

navigation based map for the resource management team to reach located equipments and to departments where order is placed will help them save time significantly there by improving operational efficiency within all departments in reach.


An internal application for hospital staff integrating all the necessary possibilities can help them in being organised, receive real time notifications and also post requests, referrals, opinion and quick suggestions on the go. Which improves operational efficiency and also helps save time for the staff thereby giving more focus on patient care while doing it right.

The right technology alone wouldn’t help but it is also important to have the right technology partner who can understand and build solutions that addresses specifically to your needs. An efficiently planned solution will help organisations to make changes that are significant to improve efficiency of operations and save on unnoticed as well as unnecessary expenses caused due to difficulty in managing resources and tracking equipment’s.

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