Heat Maps and Plan B

General 08/04/2020

Under the light of the current pandemic and general use cases let’s analyse how heat-maps in real time location data can be used to take necessary ...

Why Should Indoor  Real time location system(RTLS) be built on a flexible technology architecture:

General 30/01/2020

Organisations spend significant amounts of time and effort to adopt  a new technology hoping to reap the benefits as fast as possible.

Location Marketing: Why 2020 is the best time to get started.

Retail 11/11/2019

Key points that seek to understand what your customer’s do, where do they spend their time, what they need and so on are the gatekeepers for a succ...


Retail 27/03/2019

To build customer loyalty and bring them back to your retail spaces, it is important to understand the customer experience and their needs.

Technology for an amazing customer experience: best solutions for Retail Malls

Retail 06/03/2019

Customer is king and what do we not do to fulfil their satisfaction. From customer service to loyalty apps malls look out for multiple options to e...

Hospital Administration: Losses You Might Be Missing Out

Health Care 13/02/2019

A hospital environment is usually synonymous to busy and hectic. But how far is it productive? Are they losing out on things that are seemingly unn...

Predictive Analytics: The Hand Of God In Logistics.

General 13/02/2019

Noah and the ark is a famous story from the bible. Seeing where the world was heading, God decided to cleanse the world by water, but having mercy ...

Proximity Marketing And How The Retail Industry Is Turning Heads Up..!!

Proximity Services 13/02/2019

How to Find the right customer and pull them in??? This has rather been a perplexing question for retailers and store owners throughout the cycle. ...

Hare And The Tortoise: The Story Of Reaching The Destination Smarter.

General 13/02/2019

Whoever reaches the finishing point first, wins” perhaps the only rule the hare and tortoise had to follow for the Race. Of course the tortoise won...

How An Interactive Map Could Have Helped The Little Red Riding Hood

General 13/02/2019

The tale of the little red riding hood is perhaps one of the most popular stories that has been passed on from generations. The story of the little...