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Finding way within the Campus

Finding way within the campus of an educational institution or a university is often a tiresome event.From knowing where to go to navigating between departments, everything can be complicated if theperson isn’t familiar with the campus. Our custom designed maps defining all required layouts willhelp users find their way easily. By only knowing the end destination or the person to meet, we willlet them reach there. Using interactive hardware’s and engaging User interface platforms we helpusers locate services and track status in real time. University administration can monitor activity andallocate resources based on it. Informed decisions based on credible data on location and activity ismade possible through beCo platform. Navigation between buildings and floors makes it easy forusers to reach any place from anywhere within the Campus without confusion.

The highly advanced way finding system built for campuses is capable of scaling into resourcelocating and management services. By utilizing its capabilities, administration team can createinterfaces to manage areas such as libraries, auditoriums, labs etc. The possibilities of beCo maphelps to build solutions to manage human resources as well. Scheduling the services of teachers orany other involved with the campus, Timely notifications can be provided while they are navigatedto the right destination.

Indoor Navigation system for Campus

Major Challenges

Challenges that need attention.Identify, analyse, focus and act.

Inability to locate places

Difficulty in locating places in a large campus when needed canwear out users which also results in the loss of time.

Finding way within the large campus

University campus have large area and might be scattered around different blocks. Locating places and finding routes can be really difficult if there isn’t a proper wayfinding system.

Managing resources and facilities within the campus

To locate resources and effectivelyutilize them is a task that requires highest degree of organised management.

Inability to communicate with the users in the campus

To engage users in the campus and to communicate with them can be done with the right technology adoption so that there can be better idea and information exchange

Our solutions

Reducing confusion within the campus we offer solutions that can provide better understanding ofthe area while giving visibility and control to the university management.

  • Highly accurate Indoor/Outdoor maps for the institution.
  • Beacon and geo-fencing guided navigation.
  • Custom notifications, warnings and messages delivered through various channels.
  • Real time management of resources.

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