How An Interactive Map Could Have Helped The Little Red Riding Hood

by Albert Correya| Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019|12:11 p.m.

How An Interactive Map Could Have Helped The Little Red Riding Hood

The tale of the little red riding hood is perhaps one of the most popular stories that has been passed on from generations. The story of the little girl who takes a walk through the woods to visit her grandmother and falls prey to the trick of a wolf is often cited as a message that speaks about the importance of obedience and risks of taking an unknown path


Taking on a different perspective, let us look at this story from an angle that’s modern and technologically driven. Analysing the existing and emerging solutions, let’s see how the little Red Riding hood could have avoided the unfortunate events and been safe. The turning point of the tale comes at a point where the little girl decides to take another path through the woods looking for flowers on her way to meet her grandmother and the encounter with the wolf. Knowing the shortest route to the grandmothers house the wolf reaches there first. After swallowing the grandmother the wolf waits for the red riding hood to arrive and when she finally comes the wolf attacks the girl. (Of course they are both rescued by the wood cutter later )

Considering the circumstances there are certain key factors that influence the tale

  • The knowledge of different paths and routes.
  • The inability to track the little girl’s movement.
  • The Inability to locate places of interest (flower bushes or lakes in this case) within a safer environment.
  • The inability to receive as well as provide alerts of possible threats.


Taking these factors to account, how about we discuss a solution that could have turned the same to the favour of the little girl. Imagine the modern little red riding hood had, navigated her whole journey through an interactive real time map that could provide her information about the shortest and safest route through the woods, places of interest within safe spaces, give timely alerts about threats and provide her guardians with real time tracking information of her position. Now that would have made the little girl avoid the whole accidental encounter with the wolf and kept her safe all through her journey.


Revising the story to the current theme the girl would be at advantage from the beginning of her journey with the map. The map would guide her through the shortest and safest path to be taken. It could also guide her to the places of interest based on her past activities or updated interests but only within accessible paths, calculating the shortest path involving her stops on her journey to grandmother’s house. The journey of the girl can be monitored in real time by her guardians which would also let them, sent notifications and alerts considering the girls real time activity.


The knowledge about the shortest route could have given the little girl the same advantage as the wolf that she could have reached the destination before the wolf and made herself safe.


What she would have required under the current environment

  • A smartphone
  • An interactive map
  • Software support
  • Necessary hardware to support the system
  • A precise map
  • An efficient navigation engine In the back ground of the map
  • Web support
  • Internet connection

Technology is definitely a game changer and the solution of an interactive map that works to fulfil our way finding needs has unending possibilities. Under the context of this tale we see certain common problems being addressed. The benefit of a navigation system that is technologically advanced, proposes to solve our way finding needs, requirement for personal tracking and real time engagement using our daily smart devices. When limitations and constraints are met with the right technology every tale can have a different ending, a happy ending, like the little red riding hood that could outsmart the wolf

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